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Jackson Hole

August 18, 2007

Located in the shadows of the Teton Range, this beautiful town in Wyoming offers much to the traveler. The usual lineup of good-looking gas stations and cafes are seen. This 1950s view of  downtown is highlighted by the famous Cowboy Bar. Although the bar has undergone a few changes since this picture was taken, one thing that remains is the splendid sign. Imagine the sign lit up with sparkling bulbs and neon. What a sight! Check this site out for more historic photos, including a night shot.



Spreading the word

April 21, 2007

Motels had lots of ways to advertise. These two motor courts on the Lincoln Highway were no exception. Both lodges handed out free stuff to make sure travelers would remember their stay or better yet, mail a postcard or letter on motel stationary to other potential guests. These examples, from 1950s, showcase the wide array of ‘branding’ and ‘marketing’ early motels used. The Rose Court and El Rancho Motor Lodge were owned by Louis and Rose Boschetto.


Postcards and matchbooks were probably the most popular giveaways. This linen postcard was produced in 1954.


Wyoming’s newest travel center

April 16, 2007

Thinking of taking the Lincoln Highway? Well, make sure you plan a stop here in the tiny burg of Little America, Wyo. Little America offers hotel and other lodging, as well as cabins, a bar, coffee shop and gas and oil. Stick this window decal, probably from the 1940s, where other motorists can see it. Little America is located in Sweetwater County, near Rock Springs in the southwest portion of the state. The town was named for the structure built in Antarctica by Richard Byrd and his expedition.