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A modern Oklahoma highway

March 13, 2007

The four-lane, 88-mile Turner Turnpike was built at a cost of $38 million. It opened to traffic in May 1953. This new road saved travelers almost one hour driving time between Tulsa and Oklahoma City. The turnpike diverted motorists from U.S. 66, which parallels the turnpike. As a result, many towns along this stretch of 66 began to feel the effects of reduced traffic and commerce along their lifeblood highway. The turnpike was designed to offer services along the way. Howard Johnson restaurants and Phillips 66 gas stations were easily accessed from the highway. This brochure trumpeted the rewards of driving this modern roadway. Safety was key. Guardrails, reflectors, luminous stripes and a grassy median were components of the road. In the 1990s, the 15-foot wide grassy median was replaced with a concrete barrier to prevent the inevitable crossover accidents.