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Custer’s last stand

April 25, 2007

Near the site of the famous Battle of the Little Bighorn, the tiny oasis of Custer, Mont. stands. Imagine pulling into this town after dark…your headlights spotlighting the gas stations, cafe and curio shop. Up ahead, a place to stay. Cabins for rent. This photo, taken in the mid-1950s, shows U.S. Highways 10 and 12 running through town.



Backdrop of beauty

March 31, 2007

This vibrant little commercial strip is located in West Yellowstone, Mont. U.S. Highway 191 led vacationers to the nation’s first national park: Yellowstone. But if folks needed extra supplies, gas or a meal, these roadside stops provided it. This top photo, from the 1960s, shows competing gas stations like Chevron, Texaco and Mobil, all drenched in high country sunshine.


The glow of neon attracted tourists to diners, coffee shops and motels to this thriving town along U.S. 191, in this view, also from the 1960s.