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Fun galore on 54

May 26, 2007

U.S. 54 was a key east-west route through Kansas. This postcard was produced in 1958 to promote travel along this road. Mr. and Mrs. Jayhawker welcomed travelers. Sadly, one tourist stop on U.S. 54 has been lost. The town of Greensburg was devastated by a tornado in May…and the toll of that disaster included the Big Well. Hopefully, when Greensburg gets back on its feet, the Well can be reopened for future visitors.



Stoppin’ in Dodge

May 26, 2007

Dodge City, Kan. sits near the center of Ford County in the southwest portion of the state. U.S. Highways 50, 56 and 283 converge on this famous little town. This place is a popular stop for tourists. You can ride in a vintage stagecoach, visit the Boot Hill Museum or watch a staged gunfight. This photo, from the early 1960s, shows a more modern side of the city. The sign for Bill’s Tavern is a beauty. At the far end of the street is the Santa Fe train depot. Schlitz and Coors beer signage along with cafes round out a colorful highway view.