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Guaranteed service

October 27, 2007

Here’s a map from 1967 highlighting the state of Pennsylvania. Full-service gas stations were still the norm. The front and back of this map shows off the crisp and clean stations and uniformed attendants. It is noted that if the workers fail to clean your windshield and check the oil, your gasoline purchase is free. Good times.



The Spot to stop

October 27, 2007

The heart of Victorville, Calif. included one of the finest tourist accomodations along Route 66. The Green Spot Motel and Cafe was operated by Mr. H.E. Roy. Here are a couple artifacts from the place – a business card and postcard – both from the 1940s.


Mobilize with Mobil

October 27, 2007

This 1940s road map was handed out by the Mobilinn Cafe and Curios located at the intersection of highways U.S. 60, 66 and 87 in Amarillo, Texas. Mobil Oil’s Flying Red Horse was a common sight along the highways of old.