A few miles to Williams

The tha-thump – tha-thump of the concrete seams on your tires would be clear on this section of Route 66. This 1950s photo shows the highway heading west toward the town of Williams, Ariz. Williams is a good stop along the Mother Road, offering lots to see and do, including the nearby Grand Canyon. Oh, that mountain in the distance is called Bill Williams Mountain, named for a old-time frontiersman.


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2 Comments on “A few miles to Williams”

  1. Russ Says:

    travelling vw van cross-country in the mid-eighties late at night and cold (this part of az is climbing towards flagstaff) —too cold to camp on a side road —we pulled off into Williams. late, maybe 11. most all was shuttered. we looped thru town. one motel, a double-decker, had a half-dozen cars parked in the lot so we decided to give it a try. the lobby was aged, dark pine panelling, 40s-50s period (original) decor, low lighting, and a slab of glass on the counter protecting a hundred-plus antique picture postcards of scenic arizona. then in drifted the proprietor, in his eighties (at least), gaunt, gray. of a sudden it felt as if we were in a movie, it was eerily perfect. we got a room, decor a close match to the vintage of the lobby, cranked up the heater. cinder block walls, cool to the touch. try to warm up in the bathtub — thick layer of dust on the tub, the sink, everywhere. creepy, forgotten. cleaned up a little, warmed up, slept okay. next a.m. while loading the van, noticed that all the other cars in the lot were abandoned … we had been the only customers for the night.

  2. Bob Says:

    What a cool blog! I just took a trip from MO to TX and avoided the interstate to see what I could see.

    I will subscribe to your feed and look forward to visiting often!

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