A new dawn for the Sky-Vu Motel

The Sky-Vu Motel is still in business along the edge of U.S 40 in eastern Kansas City, Mo. This ranch-style motel was built in the late 1940s and was crowned by a gorgeous sign made of porcelain, neon and chasing light bulbs. Metal awnings and classic seashell metal chairs decorated this 24-room lodge. Sadly, the sign was removed a few years ago and replaced by a generic plastic one. Luckily, the freshly-removed old sign was spotted by Jim Seelen, a Kansas City-area photographer and vintage motel sign admirer. He snagged the sign, protected it and today it is part of the American Sign Museum in Cincinnati, Ohio. Shown below is an original postcard from the motel. It was sent to California in July of 1951. The larger photo is by Jim Seelen and was taken in the late 1990s. Thanks for saving the sign, Jim.


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One Comment on “A new dawn for the Sky-Vu Motel”

  1. Jim Seelen Says:

    Thanks for the comments and posting this sign. Now we need to save the AIRPORT MOTEL in Plainview, TX.

    Jim Seelen

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