You are getting Sleepy…

Franchise motels, like Holiday Inn and TraveLodge, began to appear along Route 66 in the late 1950s. TraveLodge was started in California and crept eastward. Mrs. Ruth J. Brockmiller, Helen J. Hougland and Alice G. White were in charge of this early TraveLodge motel in Kingman, Ariz. Sleepy Bear was (is) the mascot of this chain which still operates today.


The inside of this brochure, from the late 1950s, shows a rather plain-looking establishment. with a simple sign. Holiday Inn had nothing to fear in terms of sign appeal.


A charming mid-century illustration caps this brochure. By the 1950s, the romance and adventure of families traveling 66 was fact. This cartoon celebrates that image.


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