Scribbles from 66

Used almost like a diary, this little gas station booklet details a 1949 road trip along portions of Route 66. Mrs. Fillotson began her journey from Kansas City in a 1941 Ford. She left on July 8 driving U.S. 54 west through Kansas. On July 10, she pulled onto the Mother Road at Tucumcari and continued west. A quick stop at Clines Corners, where she spent 75 cents on souvenirs, was followed by a stay in Albuquerque. Dinner at the Court Cafe cost $2.35. The Aztec Court was $6.12 for a night. On July 12, she ate at Pete’s Cafe ($1.89) in Gallup, N.M. and stayed at the La Posada Court ($7.00). At Winslow, Ariz., she boarded a train for the trip to Los Angeles. In L.A., she stayed at the Figueroa Hotel and ate at Clifton’s. On July 17, she arrived back in Winslow. She stayed another night at the Aztec Court in Albuquerque before heading north to Santa Fe, Taos and finally Kansas City. One of the most interesting parts of her record-keeping is the list of souvenirs purchased. She bought postcards, a Mexican mug and rings for herself, father and mother. In addition, at Acoma Pueblo she acquired a jug, vase and bowl. Total cost for the three pieces of pottery: $1.75.


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