Ocean to ocean

Talk about a complete guidebook. Published 81 years ago, this map and book was for motorists driving on the Pikes Peak Ocean to Ocean Highway. Remember, this was before America had a numbering system for its roads, so highways were given adventurous, historic, even romantic titles. This guide has 140 pages of maps, advertising and advice. St. Joseph, Mo. was the headquarters town for this highway. To give a sense of what road travel was like then, here is what the guide suggests:

1. The trip from New York to the Missouri River can be made in five and one-half days, or about 250 miles a day.
2. From St. Joseph, Mo, to Grand Junction, Colo. can be made in five days, or about 200 miles a day.
3. Finally, the leg from Grand Junction to Los Angeles can be made in six and one-half days, or about 150 miles a day.

The entire trip, across the country, can be made in 17 days. What a roadtrip!


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One Comment on “Ocean to ocean”

  1. Jim Says:

    The PP-OO kept being rerouted during its life. I’m in Indiana, and there are two basic routes of the PP-OO through this state. The later route, probably described in the 1926 guide, ran through Crawfordsville and Muncie, running north of Indianapolis, which was on the earlier route. I followed some of the earlier PP-OO route in western Indiana this year. It mostly follows US 36, but diverges in some places. I wrote about it at http://www.jimgrey.net/Roads/US36West/index.htm.

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